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De TolThe little town of Schoonhoven was founded in the 12th century at the mouth of the river Zevender, in a vast grassy peatland that straddled the border of Holland and Utrecht.

The land between the banks of the Lek and Hollandse IJssel rivers still maintains the unique patterns of the medieval land reclamation with its distinctive trips of land and polder ditches. Cycle or walk through the polders of teh Lopikerwaard and Krimpenerwaard along the ribbon development of farmhouses and windmills and become acqainted with the rich heritage of the region.

Schoonhoven, the famous “Silver Town”with its protected townscape, has 150 historic buildings. Dotted among the monumental buildings, shops and restaurants are numerous jewellery shops and workshops of gold and silver smiths. You will be attracted to the jewellery made according to centuries-old traditions.


Municipally of krimpenerwaard





VeerdienstHavenaan het water
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